Deco Anatomy // Kitchen

Deco Anatomy // Kitchen …

A new Deco Anatomy, a kitchen is a first for me, and even if it’s complicated to deconstruct this kind of room, I try to respect the elements of the picture in particulary dinnerware. // KITCHEN // Stainless stell shelves / Kitchen island / Basket / Saucepan hanging rack / Glasses / Base cabinet, handles et legs / Cast iron pot / Dinnerware / […]

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50 - Sol & Luna

Deco Crush // Sol & Luna …

You know that I love leather in decoration, especially in cognac shades and a weathered look, so it’s impossible to resist to Sol & Luna‘s creations. This Spanish brand covers some design classical inspired piece of furniture with leather, but it does not stop there, they also do it on accessories … Look, it’s absolutly beautiful … […]

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Deco Stalk // At Kara Rosenlund ... Deco Stylist

Deco Stalk // At Kara Rosenlund … Deco Stylist

There are many ways to influence trends in decorating. And there is a profession which has a major one’s on brands and on how they create their collections, deco stylist. That’s why I want to show you the interior of one of them, Kara Rosenlund , deco stylist, photographer … // KARA ROSENLUND // Located in […]

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